Organize less.

Upstairs Downstairs is a professional decluttering and organization service focused on practicality, functionality and sustainability. Professional organizer Isobel Magee has many years experience helping clients streamline their lives through the elimination of unnecessary stuff and the organization of what's really important. Once you have less to deal with, you will be able to spend less time organizing.

There are many reasons that people feel overwhelmed by stuff. Our approach is tailored to each client's circumstances, timeframe and personal style. We take the time to listen to and appreciate our clients, and to develop a plan which will ensure that our work together is rewarding and sustainable. Within that framework, we always promote living with less as a key to staying organized and less stressed. In order to ensure a shared vision for the project, we begin our work by discussing what the client's immediate and long term goals are for a space or organizational system, and continue checking in throughout the project to make sure that you feel comfortable with the changes being made.